Is in programming the reprint of R. Ajello,

Il problema della riforma giudiziaria e legislativa nel regno di Napoli durante la prima metà del secolo XVIII

Jovene, Napoli 1961

Republish after over sixty years the first monograph of Raffaele Ajello is a dutiful initiative for the new Association that takes its name from him and intends to operate in the field of cultural education and scientific knowledge, continuing and developing interests and methodologies. That book, which is one of the Italian classics of the History of Law, in 1961 represented the poster of an innovative and rigorous approach to research on the modern State. It was built with the fervent and productive conviction that a reasoned revision of the canons and interpretative guidelines prevailing in traditional legal and political historiography should be undertaken, because at the origin of a serious delay in the degree of acquisition of knowledge as of civilization. Of this pulsating critical awakening all the unfulfilled intensity was perceived, just when the young Neapolitan scholar, crossing the boundaries of the temporal and geographical context of reference, posed acute and substantial questions, to himself before others, to make it clear that, in relation to the routes previously covered, it was useful to follow further intellectual itineraries and to broaden the investigation plans at least in a European comparative perspective.

The problem of the overall vision, already stated on the cover, broke out as an indispensable condition for decoding the dialectic between values and facts, between theories and practices, in their peculiar points of contact and articulation. It became a vademecum for every scientist of the second millennium, who set out to understand and make understood, a 'reformed' interpretation key, able to illustrate the circuits of formalism, ancient and modern, and to exclude the anchorages to a dogmatic evolutionism-progressive or ideologized stereotypes.