The Association "Raffaele Ajello - History Society and Law - ETS", T.C. 96043260635 is non-partisan, non-denominational and not non-profit. The aim of the Association is to promote research on issues concerning the history of law and legal culture, with particular attention to the socio-institutional and politico-economic dynamics of the modern and contemporary age.

The Association promotes the deepening and development of the scientific interests pursued by Professor Raffaele Ajello, during and beyond his academic experience, and the methodologies adopted in his writings, annually establishing a scholarship. 

The Association facilitates collaboration, comparison, scientific meetings between scholars and the publication of research.

The Association may also carry out the following activities:

- promote the publication of studies, critical editions, documents and research, including in electronic form;

- to prepare seminars and/or conferences previously decided by the Board of Directors;

- support the training of young researchers in historical and historical-legal studies;

- use, under the responsibility of the President of the Board of Directors, the WEB site.

 The Association can perform all the operations that will be necessary and useful for the achievement of the purposes of the association.