Article 3 of the Statute provides: "1. They are admitted to participate in the Association, such as Associates, natural and legal persons, public and private bodies, Italians and, in compliance with the law, foreigners who have accepted the rules set out in this Statute, interested in historical-legal research and who share the associative purposes as set out in the previous article. 2. Applications for admission are addressed to the Board of Directors and approved by the Board itself. Any refusal will be motivated. 3. In the application for admission, the applicant must specify their complete personal details and the e-mail address on which to receive any notice, undertaking to pay the membership fee.

The admission application must be drawn up by filling in the following form and making a transfer of Euro 100 to the bank account in the name of:

Associazione Raffaele Ajello – Storia Società e Diritto(Banca popolare di Bari, Filiale di Salerno) IBAN IT78U0542415201000000002361 – with the reason: membership fee current year